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Individuality is important for the modern human. We buy mass-produced goods and fast fashion from stores that offer contemporary design at an affordable price, but we crave for personal objects that transcend materialism and consumer culture. We feel alive when we imagine and when we create. We prefer artisanship over manufactured goods. This was starkly shown by the Maker and DYI movements and is now an essential part of many digital fashion projects.

Digital art is an opportunity to make observer part of the creative experience. Digital information can be infinitely replicable, opening up the possibility to create a unique and personal experience for each and everyone one of us. Chroma is an interactive fashion experience built upon those ideas.

Visually, inspiration was drawn from natural forms of metals, most significantly Chromium. Its name comes from the greek word 'chroma' meaning color, as many of its compounds are intensely colored.

The collection presents a liquid form of these metals, digitized and given life on the web, our second home. This serves as a metaphor of our increasing in distinction between real and virtual. The collection juxtaposes big colorful prints with minimal silhouettes, eclectic mix of textiles such as wool, organza and neoprene.

Chroma gives you the power to control the fluid metal and create your own unique print. Chroma strives to satisfy all our desires - modernity, uniqueness and accessibility.

DESIGN Ellen Nevrokopska

CODE Nick Nikolov

PHOTOGRAPHY Vasil Germanov

MUA Eliza Popova

HAIR Parashkev Todorov

MODEL Elizabet at Ivet Fashion

Special shout out to (in no particular order): Marcin Ignac, prof. Dimitur Delchev, Milko Boyarov, Maria Daskalova, Ivo Dimitrov, Julian Kuntorov, Vasil Germanov, Tsvetomir Goranov, Yana Dvoretska, Nikolay Pachev, Nezabravka Nedyalkova, Will Gallia

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